Clients we are looking for

We are very good at processing but do not want to stop there as that can be a waste when there are opportunities to press on-wards, be proactive and improve things.

We are primarily looking for the following clients :-

  • You want your accountant to make sure you don’t pay too much tax. Preparation is half the battle. So, making sure your figures are up-to-date and you’re using your allowances, is the least you expect
  • You’re looking to grow your business and earn more money. So you want practical financial business advice and prudent tax preparation to help you achieve your ambitions.
  • You want your accountant to give you advice and options on all aspects of your business. And you want it all year round – not just at tax return time.
  • You want your accountant to make a difference to your performance by helping improve what’s happening right now in your business.
  • You are serious about meeting UK absolute compliance requirements
  • You’re a start-up business with products and/or services likely to generate a decent income and sustain a viable business. You need straightforward financial business advice from your accountant to give you the best possible start