Payroll Services

Taxless’ experienced payroll bureau offer a payroll solution to meet the needs of any business. We work with a range of employers of different sizes. Our payroll services remove the burden of running your payroll by completing all of the necessary requirements on your behalf.

Irrespective of the form of business in which you operate, if you are going to have employees, then you will have to contend with payroll taxes.


As of July 2015 Taxless is pleased to announce we  have an auto–enrolment partner, Enrolex, linking with Scottish Widows for Pension provider. Your auto-enrolment staging can be completed for a one-off £400 + vat,  plus £10+ vat for every staff member above 10 staff.

Main payroll service tasks include:

Process the payroll and calculate SSP and SMP payments and other voluntary deductions (except pensions – see below) for you based on the information supplied to us.  We will keep detailed records of these for PAYE inspection purposes
Provide detailed monthly payslips
Complete the PAYE payslip for each month/quarter
Process and submit P45’s and P46’s to the Inland Revenue
Complete the year-end P35 Annual Return and produce P14’s for submission to the Inland Revenue.  Produce annual P60’s for distribution to all your staff.
Complete and return all real time information forms
Advice as appropriate on how to pay the staff.
Unlimited telephone support for payroll matters

Timeframes – ongoing

For more details see our resources section – Tax Matters

Our fees

£35+ vat a month including 3 staff, £30+ vat if directors only
£5+ vat per extra payslip- after £30
Cis – £35 a month with up to 3 contractors
Extras- £75+ vat per P11(D) required + £75+ vat paye set up cost