Key Measurements

73% of accountants say that there are five or more fundamental flaws in annual accounts that make it difficult for businesses to improve profitability.


  • Don’t make easy reading
  • Don’t show how well they are doing compared to others in their industry
  • Don’t identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Don’t calculate the scope for improvement
  • Don’t support decision making

Among the consequences of this are businesses

  • Don’t have finger on pulse
  • Don’t spot problems soon enough
  • Miss opportunities
  • Make bad decisions
  • Less successful than they should be
  • May even fail

Profit improvement key measurementsTaxless don’t want you relying on inadequate information for your business. We want to work with you to ensure that you get meaningful management information that will help you improve profitability thereby putting more money IN YOUR POCKET.

The various sections that follow show some of the key tools we can use to you get more meaningful relevant and timely information.