Business Health Check

business health checkThe idea here is that we come in to non clients and conduct a review of how the business is operating.

Areas to be looked at include but are not limited too

  • Profitability – – gross margins and net profit.
  • Performance of different product+ service groups
  • Future Business Plans
  • Management information available
  • Cash flow
  • Review of staffing profile and cost
  • Overhead expenditure review
  • Review supplier contracts
  • Review statutory accounts
  • Review tax paid
  • Review absolute compliance
  • PAYE
  • VAT
  • Dividend vouchers
  • Record keeping

Health check for businessWho is this for?

Those looking for an independent review of what is happening in their business.

Our fees

We would hold a simple initial review for £150+vat to identify if there look to be potential issues to pursue this could lead to us recommending a more detailed review.