Business Valuation

business valuationWe can value self employed businesses that are being sold to an owners limited company but we cover that under tax savings self employed.

Here we are primarily talking about valuing a private limited company not quoted on the stock exchange.

Business valuations take account of

  • The ownership profile
  • The staffing capability profile
  • Business profitability and cash flow
  • Business assets and liabilities
  • Customer base and existing contracts
  • Supplier contracts
  • Future prospects

Who is this for?

Valuations might be needed for private limited company shareholders for various reasons including

  • A partner coming or coming out /retiring
  • Death of a partner and need to sell the wife or civil partners share.
  • Complete sale or takeover of a business

Our fees

Our business valuation service starts from £900+ vat depending on size/complexity of business. A specific quote is needed for each job.