Product and Service Profitability Review

Profitability ReviewTaxless with its knowledge and experience of a wide range of different clients can tailor this service round the issues that impact YOUR BUSINESS.

We look at the income and direct costs from your particular products and services and look at the margins achieved on the different products and services.

To give a few examples, representative of many more that we could quote.

  • For trades – we can look at the use of staff and/or CIS labour on jobs and how the costs compare to the income.
  • For beauty shops we can look at the profitability of the different groups of treatments provided taking this down to individual service.
  • For florists we can look at the profitability of corporate contracts, weddings, funerals, bouquets, accessories
  • For interior designers we can look at the profitability of individual projects as well as domestic/commercial services
  • For printers we can look at the profitability of different types of printing like litho, digital, embossed etc across different customers and jobs such as prospectus’s, training manuals, brochures.
  • For internet or high street gift shops we can look at the margins on the various product groupings eg hampers, children’s goods, cards, bathroom products

Who is this for

Anybody not happy with their current profitability who wants a review around what/how they are doing.

Our fees

start from £200+ vat for a simple review but rise if more complex.