Disposal and Acquisitions

disposals and acquisitionsThis concerns the purchase or sale of part or all of a business. Apart from the wider issues like commercial due diligence, valuation etc. covered under our profit improvement section, there are a number of issues to be reviewed including:

  • Timing of the disposal or acquisition as this could impact corporation tax on profits in a given year or the amount of personal or company capital gains tax payable
  • Identifying relevant cost claims and/or capital allowances would be important
  • There are specialist tax advantages possible when acquiring a new different line of business to add onto current business
  • The impact of the changes on the taxation and personal circumstances of the directors

business sale valueWho is this for?

This is important for anyone looking to buy or sell part or all of a business or for anyone looking to commence a new business line.

Indicative Fees

This is another bespoke area and the scope of work needs to be agreed to give a price.