Retirement Planning

Retirement PlanningInheritance tax is levied at 40% on the value of any estate of £325,000 at death. There are a number of actions that can be undertaken to minimise/reduce this liability in advance of death. The Taxless team can review what your business is currently worth and what you/ your partner and your family are currently worth to help facilitate advanced retirement planning. See also Inheritance Tax Planning above.

  • Using trusts to pass Investment assets down a generation.
  • Estate freezer possibility

Who are they For?

Individuals/couples with assets and children or Individuals with parents owing assets.

Indicative Fees

Reviews start from £150+ vat for a personal balance sheet to be compiled highlighting your current asset position. This can be reviewed by us at Taxless and where necessary a trusted Financial Adviser closely associated with Taxless. We can identify potential actions to increase and preserve wealth and reduce future tax liability.