Tax Credits

tax creditsThere are a number of working tax credits, child tax and childcare credits that can be claimed depending on your work hours and your family situation. If you and your partner both work but earn under £40k in total you may get some tax credit assistance. The Taxless team can review your current entitlement and circumstances to ensure you are getting what you are entitled too.

Who are they For?

Individuals and couples who work on low earnings if no children but with higher earnings with 1 or more relevant children under university age. We also deal with couples who have had HMRC tax credits trying to reclaim previous monies paid.

Indicative FeesHMRC tax credits

We can submit your tax credit forms highlighting your income for £199+ vat. We can review your tax credit position free of charge if we don’t get you any extra monies but charging 25% of any additional entitlement you receive as you receive it for the next 12 months.We charge from £150+ vat to review any HMRC claims for repayment going back in time.